5 Things to Look For In Your Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. While you’re enjoying the festivities, you’ll want a professional, affordable wedding videographer to capture the once-in-a-lifetime celebration for posterity. Your cousin may seem like an affordable option, but they simply won’t be able to create the look, feel, and quality of a pro. If you’re ready to hire a videographer to capture your wedding, consider these five tips to ensure you get the coverage you want to capture the memories and emotions of the day of your dreams.

BowTruss1. Look For A Videographer Who Will Schedule A Consultation In Advance
Meeting your videographer before the big day gives you the opportunity to discuss pricing, timing, and delivery options. During your consultation, be sure to ask these important questions:
~What is your all-in price?
~What portion(s) of the service will you shoot?
~How early will you arrive?
~How late will you stay?

2. Look For A Videographer Who Will Let You View Samples of Their Work
Ask the videographer to share real-life examples of weddings they’ve shot in the past. It’s okay to see finished as opposed to unedited samples, but make sure you see real weddings they’ve actually shot and edited, not canned, generic video work. You might also ask to see other footage, like the bride donning her gown or the groomsmen prepping the getaway car.

3. Look For A Videographer Who Has A Written Contract
A written contract protects both parties. A professional wedding videographer will not fly by the seat of their pants. Instead, they’ll offer a contract that clearly spells out your expectations, their service deliverables, and the price you’re expected to pay.

4. Look For A Videographer Who Uses Professional Quality Equipment
Smartphones and camcorders can get the job done – or can they? You want a videographer who has professional tools and equipment that meet or beat the industry standards. Your professional should also have a backup camera on the off chance that something goes awry with their original camera. Because capturing the vows, toasts and other audio components is crucial to the video, be sure to ask about the audio components of their equipment as well.

5. Look For A Videographer Who Specializes in Weddings
Capturing the feelings, emotions, and moments of your wedding is a far different experience from videotaping a birthday party, corporate showcase, business conference or other social event. A videographer who understands the intricacies of shooting your wedding is worth their weight in gold.

At iExclusive Productions, we have the training, skills, equipment, experience, and expertise you want to preserve the precious, unique memories of your wedding day. We pride ourselves on providing the affordable luxury you want and deserve on your wedding day. Our only goals for your wedding videography are to work collaboratively with you as a wedding day team, to bring your wedding memories to life with innovative video techniques and awe-inspiring music backgrounds, tasteful, yet cutting-edge editing, and to stick to our guiding principles – create, collaborate, and have fun!