3 Ways Airbnb Can Help You Save Money and Enhance Your Wedding Day

3 Ways Airbnb Can Help You Save Money and Enhance Your Wedding Day

So…you’re newly engaged and now you’re expected to throw the BIGGEST wedding and reception the world has ever seen!! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. The clock is ticking and you have many major decisions to make.

✔ What venue has the capability to recreate Beyoncé’s wedding mixed with a little Kim K?
✔ Who’s going to be my Maid of Honor?
✔My photographer needs to make me look like the celebrity I am.
✔ My videographer needs to be dope!
✔ Should I go with real flowers or fake flowers?

Whew! You are not alone. Couples all over the world are dealing with these same issues as they plan their big day. The number one question is, How do I have the wedding of my dreams while staying within my budget? Well, I may not have the secrets to getting you flown in on a helicopter, but I do have one secret that can help you cut down one of your expenses and enhance your special day! My big secret is…rent an Airbnb!! Here are three ways airbnb will help you save money and enhance your wedding day!
Disclaimer: Before I continue I must say that I am in no way affiliated with Airbnb, nor am I profiting from this post. I’m a professional wedding videographer and recent newlywed, so I’m simply sharing a tip I used for my own wedding and from information I picked up while filming weddings. Here we go.

Renting an Airbnb may have been one of the smartest wedding planning decisions we made. I told my fiancée I did not want our video to be filmed in a hotel room, nor did I want typical hotel room photos. I’ve filmed 50+ weddings and over that time I’ve learned that hotel rooms are not good for lighting, space, and overall creativity. With Airbnb, you’re able to rent beautiful homes with tall ceilings, open bay windows for optimal light, gorgeous décor, and space to house both sides of the bridal party during the preparation period. Similarly, hotel rooms force you to purchase two rooms to keep the couple separate, while Airbnb allows you to effectively hide the bride and groom away from each as they maneuver through the home. It also allows you to forgo a very popular and expensive price point on photographers and videographers packages – the Second Shooter.

Wife and I photographed in Airbnb Home

Photo By Jennifer Helene https://www.jenniferhelene.com/

1. Save Money By Forgoing The Second Shooter Option

With everyone getting ready at the same place you eliminate the worry of having your photographer and videographer in two places at once. This will save you money by allowing you to pick the lesser package that eliminates the need for a Second Shooter or other production staff. Your photographer will literally go from living room to basement, or master bedroom to family room capturing photos and videos as both parties get ready. You’ll also enjoy how much better a nice home on Airbnb looks aesthetically vs a hotel room with a bed in the center of every shot. Additionally, your photographers can be more creative in the larger, often more luxurious space an Airbnb provides.

Real Life Example: My bride and I stood back-to-back against an open door and reached around it to clasp hands for nice Pinterest-inspired photos.

If both the bride and groom use an Airbnb to get ready for the ceremony, it’s also time efficient because it corals the entire wedding party in a single location which saves aggravation and frustration. This next tip will enhance your wedding experience by helping you enjoy a stress-free morning on your special day.

Bridesmaids Photographed in Airbnb Home

Photo by Jennifer Helene

2. Host A Bridesmaid Sleepover & Girl’s Night Out

I’ve witnessed many brides stressing out over the arrival times of their bridesmaids. In fact, I’ve witnessed entire wedding timelines thrown off by late bridesmaids. So, this tip will help you and your girls stay organized and on time the day of your wedding. If you have five or more bridesmaids, you’ll need to maximize and optimize the time set aside for hair and makeup. Take my word for it – start early! Having a bridal sleepover keeps your stress levels down because you know everyone is already present, accounted for, and ready to begin the day together. Of course, the guys have less to do in terms of wedding preparation, so the bridesmaids will spend the night and begin prepping in the morning and the groom and groomsmen can join you at the Airbnb the following day to prep.

Real Life Example: Assign times for the women to wake up to begin hair and makeup prep. Since the home is big, everyone will be comfortable, and you’ll get to enjoy a fun night of wine and conversation on your last unmarried night.

Ease into the wedding day by having your bridesmaids spend your wedding eve with you in the Airbnb. It’s a low-cost, strategic way to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, is up early and ready for hair and makeup, and arrive at the wedding venue on time – and together. Think about it – the last thing you need on your wedding day is one of your bridesmaids strolling in late for their makeup appointment. My last tip has everything to do with enhancing your total wedding experience.

Wife in Airbnb Living Room

Photo by Jennifer Helene

3. Let the Fun continue After the Reception

Wedding days are loads of fun. What happens when the wedding is over, though, and the final song is played, the last call at the bar has come and gone, you’re saying goodbye to all the friends and family who came to celebrate with you? If you’re not heading off on your honeymoon immediately following the ceremony, the celebration really doesn’t have to end. You still have a large Airbnb for the night that can accommodate 10+ people, so why not invite a few of your close friends and family back to the house to have a wedding day recap over some beer and wine?

Real Life Example: One of the highlights of my wedding day was some of my friends coming back to our Airbnb. We continued the good times, enjoyed a few post-reception drinks, and lounged around the living room reminiscing about the best parts of the day. Everyone recounted the amazing evening from their own vantage points and we were able to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with our loved ones.

Rent an Airbnb for two nights and host your rehearsal dinner there, too, right before the bridesmaid’s sleepover. Indulge in three nights and use the Airbnb to host your post-wedding get together and activities. You’ll enjoy the all-in-one ease of planning and appreciate close friends and family being on-hand at the rented house.

Airbnb is the perfect solution for saving money and enhancing your wedding day in multiple ways. Whether it’s creating better shots for your photographers, allowing yourself the opportunity to enjoy the evening with friends before and after the wedding, or simply indulging the opulence and luxury of a high-end home, adding an Airbnb into your wedding planning budget is a smart move. It’s something I enjoyed firsthand and suggest to all of my friends and clients. Your wedding is more than the ceremony that unites you and your groom. Most weddings involve a lot of people and have a plethora of moving parts. You might be surprised to find out how an Airbnb can help make your wedding day run smoothly, efficiently, and affordably. Finally, you get far more bang for your buck and space for your money by using an entire Airbnb vs a smaller hotel room or suite.

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