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Bluestone Country Club Wedding | Kevin and Courtney

Kevin and Courtney

The exquisite BlueStone Country Club in Bluebell PA served as the breathtaking setting for Kevin and Courtney. When the couple first met at Bloomsburg University, they had no idea their love story would culminate in the hope and promise of a lifetime of togetherness.

Their Love Story

All the weddings we have the privilege of capturing on video are a thrill for the entire team at iExclusive Productions. This one, though, was especially wonderful because we were in on the excitement from the very start. We had the pleasure of filming the couple’s proposal video, their engagement video, and, finally, their exquisite wedding. The short montage at the beginning is a compilation of all three events leading up to the life-changing, vow-exchanging wedding that turned a couple into a family.

From bridal preparation to groom’s prep and from the pre-wedding toast to the walk down the aisle, every moment is captured on video. Of course, the bride and groom will never forget the feelings and emotions they felt on their wedding day. Thanks to our camera crew, they’ll even get to experience the moments they didn’t get to see in person. Our special technique of simultaneously depicting the First Look kiss and the vow-sealing kiss combine the surprise of the first glimpse of each other with the joy of the first pronouncement of marital unity.

“Today is about celebrating the grace of God, but also the gift of love.”

The minister put it best when he said those words. The splendor of the first dance. The sweetness of the father-daughter dance. The poignancy of the mother-son dance. The moment when each family lets go of one and embraces two. The sheer joy on the faces of the bride and groom, the funny, ying-yang twin inspired toast given by the best man – even the DJ got in on that action – and the celebratory spirit of family and friends bore out the love and joy that comes with the joining of two hearts, two lives, two families.

Just like the new Mr. and Mrs. Chavarria, your memories will last a lifetime when our skilled team of videographers is part of your wedding plan. When you’re ready to capture the best parts of your wedding and hold onto your memories forever, contact us.


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