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Stop Preparing For Divorce In Your Marriage

Human Nature?  It’s not abnormal for people to want to protect themselves. After all, self-preservation is the natural instinct of most human beings. Since most of us have been single – unmarried – for at least eighteen years, we’ve spe

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Should You Share Bank Accounts?

In this day and age, independence and the need to plan for an invisible ‘what if’ is stressed even among cohabiting, engaged, and even married couples. The principles of self-help, self-care, and self-love are everywhere you look. Putting yoursel

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5 Habits of A Healthy Relationship

The lives people live on social media don’t always reflect their real life. For example – #relationshipgoals – the hashtag has as much potential to spark the heated debates we call fights as it does to help couples grow together. What that hash

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