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Simply Ridiculous. In his tearful, heartfelt vows, the groom described his love for his bride as simply ridiculous. Indeed, their love and joy is utterly ridiculous. It’s touchable, tangible, palpable and plain. The sheer, sunlit beauty of the St. Petersburgh, Florida beach setting for the Sherman wedding was stunningly ridiculous. The bride’s breathtaking entrance was unbelievably ridiculous. The nine-year road to

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Jennifer and Josh | Pen Ryn Estate Wedding

From the bride’s picture-perfect dress and the bridesmaids in blush pink to the groom and groomsmen in superhero-themed t-shirt and sock combos, captured at the beautiful Pen Ryn Estate, Joshua and Jennifer represent the perfect combination of sophistication and whimsy. From the altar kiss that sealed the vows to the triumphant reception entry, this couple

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Suela and Radu | Pen Ryn Estate Wedding

The iExclusive Productions staff was thrilled to shoot another beautiful wedding at The Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem PA. This elegant venue was the perfect location for the history-making wedding of Radu and Suela. June 17, 2018, we excitedly captured the most important details of their day, from the first look on the castle like grounds of Arcadia

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Jordan and Laquasha | Ramblewood Country Club Wedding

The Ramblewood Country Club was the setting. June 22nd was the long-awaited date. Family and future was the theme as Jordan and LaQuasha exchanged the vows that entwine their lives forever and turned two families into one. “Me and Jordan have got pictures together since before we could walk or talk, and even back then,

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Every wedding is as unique as the love story that leads to that epic day. James and Tatiana’s love story culminated in a life blending ceremony on April 5, 2019. Wedding preparations started at Hotel Monaco with the bride and groom donning their wedding finery. The groom didn’t see his bridesmaids bedeck his bride in her gown

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“Listen, I feel Jesus in the room.” Dolon The bride and groom certainly felt the favor of the Lord on their wedding day. So did everyone in attendance at one of the most sacred wedding ceremonies we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Piscataway, NJ’s Traveler’s Fellowship Community Church was the setting for this most

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KENNY AND CARRIE | VIE BY CESCAPHE WEDDING  “…the time is finally here…” Kenny June 2, 2019 dawned sunny, bright, and wonderfully breezy. It was an absolutely beautiful day for Kenny and Carrie Arthur’s incredible wedding. Haddonfield United Methodist Church was resplendent in the wedding colors, crystal and diamond accents, and magnificent floral arrangements. Family and friends celebrated and applauded every moment

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“… Make your love a priority …” Never have these words rang truer than as Germyce and Roland celebrated the culmination of their love story. Love was indeed the order of the day as the groom danced and the bride strutted down the aisle of the Musholu Boat Venue in Philadelphia. Their wedding and reception were resplendent

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Nejat and Salahdine | Doubletree Philadelphia Wedding

“…in pure Nejat fashion, she found the perfect person to build her future with…”  Every love story is as timeless and unique as the couple it represents. The love story of Nejat and Salahdine is a distinctive blending of two lives and two cultures. From the gorgeous bridal headwrap to the stunning ceremonial Mehndi bridal

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Michelle and Rahul | Boathouse at Mercer Lake Wedding

Today is a celebration … July 14, 2019 The First Look takes on a whole new meaning – a splendor all its own – when the bride taps the groom’s shoulder, he turns around, and his jaw drops open at the sight of her. That’s how the wedding of Rahul and Michelle started – with

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