“Listen, I feel Jesus in the room.”

The bride and groom certainly felt the favor of the Lord on their wedding day. So did everyone in attendance at one of the most sacred wedding ceremonies we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Piscataway, NJ’s Traveler’s Fellowship Community Church was the setting for this most anointed of weddings. Heralded by their pastor and surrounded by friends and family, Candace and Dolon celebrated the love of a lifetime in the presence of the God of love.

“Exactly what I prayed for and so much more.”

A shared love and faith mean a new family is created from this union. Their love and respect for each other, their singular and joint devotion to the Lord, and their commitment to making their wedding a worshipful experience – these are the elements that make Candace and Dolon’s marriage destined for forever.

“Your presence is our gift.”
Candace & Dolon

Their wedding finery was evident in the beautifully jeweled bouquet, bold gold accessories and in the gold accent colors that were everywhere the eye could see. The bride was bedecked in white and radiated love from her training veil to the stars in her eyes. Even the heart detail on the soles of her shoes paid tribute to the love permeating the atmosphere.

The groom’s dashiki-inspired, gold attire was as one-of-a-kind and true-to-his character as his personalized vows. With all those embellishments in place, Candace & Dolon wanted only two gifts from everyone in attendance – their presence and prayers. Their presence was heartfelt, and their prayers were evident.

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Should You Share Bank Accounts?

In this day and age, independence and the need to plan for an invisible ‘what if’ is stressed even among cohabiting, engaged, and even married couples. The principles of self-help, self-care, and self-love are everywhere you look. Putting yourself first all the time is quickly becoming the norm. So much so that many couples opt for separate financial lives and simply split household bills down the middle with each paying their share and managing their own finances. You know…just in case.

That 50/50 ideal is actually the perfect setup – for roommates. Marriage, though, means transforming two individuals into one couple. It means combining lives in every way that matters including physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It means choosing us-help, us-care, and us-love over self. It means putting the needs of the whole over the needs of the individual. How you manage your finances and whether or not you have a joint bank account is an important decision. Weigh the following pros and cons carefully:


  • Reduced financial risk
  • Financial transparency
  • Access to money as needed
  • Shared financial responsibility


  • Perceived loss of financial independence
  • Feeling a loss of decision-making abilities
  • Feeling the need to check in with every expenditure
  • Feeling like you have no security if things ever go sour

From saving to purchase a home or investment property to making the financial decision for one spouse to start a business to managing routine household expenses, setting and achieving shared financial goals is easier when bank accounts are joined. Married couples should share a bank account because it allows both parties to have an accurate picture of their finances. It reiterates your commitment to each other and creates its own open line of communication. It tells your spouse you trust them and trust in your future together.

The shared responsibility of a joint bank account requires regular communication around your finances and encourages it in other areas, teaches each spouse to set and respect boundaries, and adds an element of accountability that also enhances other areas of your marriage. It eliminates the ‘what if’ possibility of separation or divorce and gives each of you a measure of trust and security that will hold you in good stead. What if instead of planning for the possibility of divorce, you committed to keep your marriage alive in the face of any adversity?

Work together to actively change your ‘what if’ from ‘what if we divorce’ to ‘what if we plan for retirement together.’ Change it from ‘what if it doesn’t work out’ to ‘what if divorce is not ever an option.’ Change it from ‘what if we disagree on a purchase’ to ‘what if we talk it out until we find a place of agreement.’ Marriage means the uniting – the complete fusing – of two lives. You have enough love and passion to comingle your home. You have enough hope and vision to comingle your dreams. You should have enough faith and trust to comingle your finances.

The lives people live on social media don’t always reflect their real life. For example – #relationshipgoals – the hashtag has as much potential to spark the heated debates we call fights as it does to help couples grow together. What that hashtag means to you depends on what your relationship goals are. If you’re aiming for a healthy relationship, keep your private business off social media and try these five relationship goals instead.

  1. Open, Honest Communication
    No relationship is healthy without open, honest sharing. Avoid allowing irritabilities or awkward moments to fester. Instead, commit to talk with your partner about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Wanna really ensure an everyday check-in? Try showering together. If you can avoid distracting each other in the shower, it’s a wonderful place to connect and communicate with zero outside influences.
  1. Live Beneath Your Means
    While money is cited as the number one reason for divorce, that doesn’t always mean a lack of money is at its root. It could also mean mismanagement of finances even when you have plenty. Have an open conversation about income and output. Make financial plans with your partner that clearly defines a plan that allows you to keep bills current, spend individually and as a couple, save for the future, and have a few extracurricular splurges.
  1. Plan For Intimacy And Dating
    Practice making daily time for one another. Sit down and have an honest conversation about each person’s preferred frequency for sex and intimacy. It’s important to remember that sex and intimacy are two very different things. Stop disagreements in their tracks by deciding beforehand how often you’ll have sex, how each person defines intimacy, and how many monthly date nights you need to stay plugged into each other.
  1. Stop And Say I Love You
    Stevie Wonder famously sang, “I just called to say I love you.” How often do you tell your partner you love them? Not “I love you, too” or a hurried “I love you” on your way out the door. Stop, look them in the eyes, and say it from your heart. Let your partner hear it from your lips, see it in your eyes, and feel it wash over them. Nothing feels more intimate than a stole moment to connect with those three little words.
  1. Take An Annual Vacation
    Life has a way of getting in the way of everyday pleasures. Between work, bills, children, and family, it can be hard to carve out time just for you. Make a point of taking an annual vacation for just the two of you! A staycation that lets you explore the city around you, a weekend getaway, a scenic road trip, or a romantic cruise – the venue doesn’t matter. The alone time together does.

Relationship goals are complex and varied according to each couple and their individual and mutual aspirations. Go ahead and follow that hashtag. Do take heed of successful couples, but don’t strive to mimic them. Instead, find your own relationship groove, define your own relationships goals…and give that in-shower communication a try.

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