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If you want to add a special touch to an event, consider renting a photo booth. A photo booth can provide hours of fun for friends and family and can allow you to get all sorts of unique shots and memories of the event. It’s a fun, unique addition to any life event. And, if you’re looking for a photo booth rental company, call iExclusive Productions. We provide photo booth rental service to Philadelphia, PA, as well as to New York City, New Jersey, and Delaware. Call us today to learn more and to discuss photo booth rental cost.

iExclusive Productions

Photo Booth Rental Company

If you’ve ever been to a fair or amusement park, you’ve probably seen a photo booth. Maybe you’ve tried one out with friends or family. The instantly-printed pictures give you a tangible memory of the time you spent together. Plus, there are often props that can be used to help enhance the photos. While a lot of people enjoy photo booths, many don’t realize they can be rented from a photo booth rental company. By renting one, you can add a unique, memorable element to your event.

When most people think of photo booths, they think of the small, enclosed boxes that you’ll sometimes see in fairs or malls. However, you can also get what’s known as an open-air photo booth. An open-air booth involves setting up a camera and white background, often with props and a professional to help take the pictures. Which option you use depends on your situation, but both offer the same result: the chance to make and preserve memories yourself.

When you need photo booth rental service, contact iExclusive Productions. We are a photo booth rental company that can provide service to Philadelphia, PA. We want to provide all of our clients with a unique, pleasant experience that they will remember fondly. Consider calling us today to learn more.


Capturing the essence of the moment from every angle to produce crystal-clear, vibrant images. Delivered to you in a variety of formats for a variety of uses.


Taking and editing video with beautiful picture and sound quality. Video that looks professional and tells an engaging story. 

Photo Booth

Giving your wedding or event guests a fun experience and a unique take-home gift. Rent a modern photo booth for an affordable price. 

Commercial Video

Show off your business, advertise your products and services, and create unique content that will influence action on your website. 

iExclusive Productions

Photo Booth Rental Service

If you want pictures of your event but aren’t sure you want to hassle of hiring a photographer, photo booths can be an excellent option. They can be used for all sorts of events. For example, a bride to be may want to rent a photo booth for her wedding. Or, perhaps a parent would like to rent a photo booth for a child’s birthday party. Photo booths allow you to have a little more control over what pictures are taken and also allow for funny, candid pictures with unique props.

Call iExclusive Productions when you’re looking for photo booth rental service in Philadelphia, PA. We can provide you with a photo booth for your event so that you and your guests can create plenty of memories. We strive to make sure our clients are always 100% satisfied with our service. So, consider giving us a call to learn more about what we offer.

iExclusive Productions

Photo Booth Rental Cost

The photo booth rental cost can vary greatly depending on the company you choose. It can range anywhere between a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. The overall cost is determined by how long you want the photo booth for, how advanced you want it to be, and how many pictures you want taken, among other factors. In addition, there might be an extra charge for special additions, such as getting a photo album of the pictures you take.

At iExclusive Productions, we strive to keep the photo booth rental cost affordable. We understand that you shouldn’t have to spend a massive amount of money in order to create lasting memories. Call us today to learn more about our photo booth rental service.

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