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It can be hard to attract attention in the over-saturated real estate market. Many individuals have homes they want to sell, and they’re all using the same marketing methods. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then consider real estate video production. A video is the perfect way to showcase your home in an immersive, unique way. And, if you need a real estate videographer in New Jersey, contact iExclusive Productions. We’re a real estate video production company that has been providing professional photos and videos of everything from weddings to corporate environments to real estate. Please, call us today to learn more about our real estate video services.

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Real Estate Videographer

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Because of this, it can be useful when trying to sell a home. Just some of the benefits of real estate video production include:

  • Attracting Buyer Attention: Visual media is the perfect way to show off a home, but many real estate agents only use photos. Videos are a unique way to help showcase a home and attract more attention to your listing.
  • Providing an Immersive Experience: Video has a unique advantage over other types of real estate marketing—it allows you to immerse a buyer in the home. A good real estate videographer can take potential buyers on a virtual tour of the home. This allows them to visualize themselves in the space better, thus making them more likely to buy.
  • More Listing Platforms: A simple but often-forgotten advantage to getting real estate video production is the opportunity to utilize more listing platforms. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, as well as to other sites, meaning more people will have the opportunity to see your home.
  • Highlighting Unique Features: Does your house have unique features, such as a beautiful stone fireplace or large vaulted ceilings? An experienced real estate videographer can highlight these features in a video in order to attract buyer attention.

Getting real estate video services can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to really show off your home’s assets. At iExclusive Productions, we’re committed to providing New Jersey residents with quality video production and photo services. Whether you’re an independent seller or a real estate agent, we’re available to help. Call to learn more. Let us handle your real estate video production today.


Capturing the essence of the moment from every angle to produce crystal-clear, vibrant images. Delivered to you in a variety of formats for a variety of uses.


Taking and editing video with beautiful picture and sound quality. Video that looks professional and tells an engaging story. 

Photo Booth

Giving your wedding or event guests a fun experience and a unique take-home gift. Rent a modern photo booth for an affordable price. 

Commercial Video

Show off your business, advertise your products and services, and create unique content that will influence action on your website. 

iExclusive Productions

Real Estate Video Services

When hiring a real estate video production company, you want a team that has experience. You need experts who know what features to film and what to leave for the house tour. Your videographer should be willing to listen to and work with you to make sure that the house is showcased perfectly. With the right team, you can really highlight everything that’s great about a home and attract a buyer’s attention.

Call iExclusive Productions when you need a real estate video production company. We have nine years of experience and have helped with real estate video production for a number of individuals. We are experts at creating wonderful videos and strive to make sure that the production experience is pleasant for all involved. Call us today and see what we can do for your property.


iExclusive Productions

Real Estate Video Production Company

At iExclusive Productions, we offer real estate video production at an affordable price. We want to make sure you get professional-quality video, but don’t want you to have to overextend yourself to do so. Our real estate video services are available to New Jersey, Delaware, New York City, and Philadelphia, PA. If you’d like to get an excellent video of your property, then please consider giving us a call today.

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