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Wedding Videography in Southern New Jersey

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Almost everyone thinks about what the wedding photographs will look like on their big day. You’ve likely already looked into wedding photographers to make sure you have a professional to help capture important moments. What you might not have considered is filming the wedding. Many people may think it’s easier to have family or friends film the wedding, but a professional can make all the difference. If you’re looking for wedding video services in southern New Jersey, then call iExclusive Productions. We can help capture your wedding on film, whether you just want the memory for yourself or you’d like to share it with friends and family. Additionally, if you’re looking for a destination wedding videographer, we’re available to help. Call to discuss our wedding videography packages today.

iExclusive Productions

Destination Wedding Videographer

More and more people are considering destination weddings over traditional weddings. Destination weddings are weddings that take place away from home in gorgeous, often tropical locations. This can make your wedding even more memorable and is undoubtedly something you’d like to have video have, whether to show loved ones who couldn’t make the service or to preserve for your own memories. It’s important to hire a professional destination wedding videographer in order to make sure the video looks amazing.

At iExclusive Productions, we’re available whenever you need a destination wedding videographer. We have extensive experience with wedding videography, and so can make sure that your video turns out beautifully. We use only the best equipment, and put all of our skill and experience to use creating a product that you’ll love. With our help, you can get a beautiful video of your destination wedding that you can enjoy far into the future.


Capturing the essence of the moment from every angle to produce crystal-clear, vibrant images. Delivered to you in a variety of formats for a variety of uses.


Taking and editing video with beautiful picture and sound quality. Video that looks professional and tells an engaging story. 

Photo Booth

Giving your wedding or event guests a fun experience and a unique take-home gift. Rent a modern photo booth for an affordable price. 

Commercial Video

Show off your business, advertise your products and services, and create unique content that will influence action on your website. 

iExclusive Productions

Wedding Video Services

Our wedding video services are available whether you’re looking for someone to film a destination wedding or a traditional one. We can edit your video using a few different formats, including:

  • Cinematic: If you’d like a video that looks like something out of a movie, then this may be the style for you. We can utilize lighting and editing effects to really capture your big day and highlight the emotional aspects.
  • Journalistic: Perhaps you’d prefer a simpler type of wedding videography. A journalistic approach focuses on preserving events as they are while still adding a professional touch.
  • Short Form: Get a shorter video that highlights some of the best and most memorable moments from your wedding.

We also offer a variety of wedding videography packages if you’d like to have something more creative and memorable. If you’re looking for wedding video services in southern New Jersey, then please consider calling iExclusive Productions today.

iExclusive Productions

Wedding Videography Packages

Wedding videography is a complex art. While many people may simply want their wedding filmed—and the have it filmed as-is—there are actually several extra options that your wedding videographer can handle. Some of these include:

  • Capturing the moment where you proposed.
  • Taking video throughout the wedding planning to show the process.
  • Creating a more story-like video that focuses on you and your partner’s romantic journey.
  • Editing together short videos of the wedding’s highlights to share either the same day or after.
  • Creating a photo album in video format.

We have several different wedding videography packages at iExclusive Productions. Choosing the right one for you is the first step to making sure you get the perfect video of your wedding day.

We provide services to northern and southern New Jersey, Delaware, New York City, and Philadelphia, PA. Our goal is to create a product that our clients will love and to help them immortalize their big day. Please, call us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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