Why We Love Shooting Wedding Films

Owning a business is one thing. Owning a business that allows you to do something you love and enjoy every day is quite another thing. I started iExclusive Productions because I truly love and enjoy shooting wedding films. Watching couples start their lives together and creating the movie that captures those memories is more than a job for me. It’s a passion. These three reasons illustrate a small part of why my team and I do what we do.

Timeless Creations

Being able to create something timeless for loving couples brings us joy. Knowing the piece of film I’m working on is something couples will show their friends and family for generations lends a timeliness to my work and infuses a drive for perfection into my efforts. I find it amazing that my work will live forever with these families.

Hors d’oeuvres Bandit

Not only does each wedding add to our bottom line, it also adds to our waistlines. We tend to eat well at these weddings. We’re probably going to grab one or two hors d’oeuvres as we move discreetly around the venue capturing memories and moments. In addition, many brides invite us to enjoy the reception meal. We might have to eat it on the go, but we will eat it!


We live in a world where darkness, pain, violence, and unhappiness are broadcast on tv, radio, and the Internet twenty-four hours a day. During the 8-10 (or even twelve) hours we spend with our couples, we get to experience pure happiness. Sharing in the sheer joy of a couple’s journey that culminates with this amazing event makes it all worth it. It brings us pure joy and happiness to be around this amount of love all day.

I choose my staff carefully. I look for men and women who know how to make a camera work its magic, know how to provide the support I need, and know how to blend discreetly into the background of someone else’s day. I also look for team members who have a sincere love for what we do, because I can teach skill, but no one can teach passion. At iExclusive Productions we take every aspect of your wedding and reception seriously. That’s why the level of skill and passion we bring to the table simply can’t be beat.