What’s Best for Your Business?

Running a small business is no small feat. The heart of any small business is its sales, marketing, and branding because as Shark Tank’s Marc Cuban famously said, “Without sales, you have nothing.” Video is a huge area of marketing. Why? For starters, did you know that YouTube is the number two ranked search engine in the entire world? It’s also owned by the powerhouse that is Google. Here are a few other video marketing numbers you need to know:
Video accounts for 74% of all online traffic 
59% of marketing pros note that when text and video are available, people are more likely to choose video 
52% of marketers choose video as a more effective method of brand awareness 
50% of internet users actively look for videos related to a product or service before purchasing

What do those numbers mean for you?

It means your small business can enhance brand awareness, engage with your target market and increase sales and profit with video marketing technology. At iExclusive Productions, we help small business owners create short explainer videos, promotional videos, full-length commercials, and everything in between. Professional commercials enhance your website, social media, e-commerce, and other online marketing methods. Video marketing added to your emails has been shown to increase customer interaction by as much as 200%. You can’t afford to miss out on that market share.

How will we help you?

A professional video will clarify your product or service, generate customer engagement,
pique client interest, boost search engine rankings, and increase sales. Video commercials
have survived and thrived from the first days of television to the advent of the internet.
From antenna to cable, commercials have stood the test of time. They are here to stay and
your small business needs to leverage this technology to your best advantage.
Contact us today to get started. Your business will thank you.

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